Death I Am

by Death I Am

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elax I absolutely love the album. Riffing, pace and vocals are on point. Brutality given. Overall a really good Death/Deathcore release.
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released June 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Death I Am Tokyo, Japan

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Track Name: Genetic Scum
Unworthy as a slave?
Gouge Out your eyes
cretinous bastard,
you'll choke on your tongue
hack apart the failures,
shortsighted filth
genetic scum,
how dare you kneel before me

I will show you,
retribution and follow through
Abominable trash
Let's begin the operation

Attaching extraneous devices
Dissolving away the slop
Limbs fed to the dogs
Not much to salvage
This is only the beginning
Taken to the operating slab
Reduced to pulsating meat
clamps straps and power tools
crank, revolve, engage.

Bionics, fused with flesh
My greatest creation, most unholy fabrication
Rise! And beg for death!
Track Name: Ego Slave
Echelons of suffering
conformed by the will, and stood to the storm
now left in the ruins of my civilization

never seemed so vile
slowly pervaded with wires and silicon

Hissing like a wild animal,
Thrashing about in its cage
Digging into the dirt
slithering in it's hole
spitting acid

alone with the creature
back to a concrete slab
buried alive
gasping for respite

herald of torment
misery and blood

seeking the stars
annihilate in order to evolve

seeking the means to a soul
to reintegrate into a corporeal
Track Name: Nanite Swarm
A self replicating span,
moves silently across bruised skies
Destination zero only endless perfection

The dirt crawls and debris snakes along
The scenery shifts and reconfigures seamlessly
A contstant state of becoming
unable to achieve a purpose
Denial of the wasted flesh
In their eyes a tormented pain

Kill me! they cry

A stifled cough reveals coagulating blood
smeared across chunks of broken concrete
Muting convulsions at the sight,
Skin and flesh vaporized

A pulsating light in the distance
thundering nuclear fire
melting a sea of sand into an ocean of glass

This is the last sign of our forgotten
Broken down to fit a mold and recycled

The sun becomes obscured by the swarm
as darkness falls I designate my prey
feeding on fools trapped in the veil
dissipating flesh in a torrid whirlwind
No screaming, death in stunned confusion
faint echoes of flesh rived from bone
in the silence of the wasteland

Lost programs trying to rebuild their creators
The sun becomes obscured by the swarm
as darkness falls I designate my prey
feeding on fools trapped in the veil
dissipating flesh in a torrid whirlwind
No screaming, death in stunned confusion
faint echoes of flesh rived from bone
in the silence of the wasteland
Track Name: Vault
Rays of light, slipping through the fingers
Last glimpse of glorious day
Marching down
Sealed away

Left to die in darkness
We dig claw and hurl ourselves at the walls
Slowly descending beyond the grip of man,
humanity lost
Sacrifice all that we were, surivial at any cost

Bent until broken, connection to reality severed
Nothing left to know
Hiding in the shadows
Lingering in perpetual darkness
Endlessly retching
Mutated offspring adorned with filth,
bemoan what remains

Burn. It. All.
No one shall know
Shreiking at the sun
Burning flesh
Cleansed in fire.
Track Name: Burning Kingdom
Sealed from the inside, typing, text and screens
endless tomes of research
isolated in this barren home

dust and stones are all to know
microbes and radiation abound
feeding a slowly gestating fever,
existence in the abyss
strings of madness wound ever tighter
tension increasing
there must be release

reason has become irrelevant
fury as an afterthought of the damned,
activating the bomb tearing through the bulkhead
need to… need to reach an uplink

to the orbital relay
code in binary

connection established
satellite seamlessly captures
last moments vented into space

I am the final one, the last that stands
this is my kingdom, madness is all that I have
Track Name: Pound Of Flesh
A heart attack portraying shock and awe
lies through crooked teeth to harvest walking statistics
What is life again? an apathetic existence...
disgusting monetary propriety
This facade makes me sick
spawned into the game corrupted beyond redemption
marketable mass waiting at the nearest trough

servitors unto the vile
frenzied at the smell of blood

Tension upon chains, gnashing teeth in the dark
the distant sound of buzzing flies
like an emaciated carnivore
snapping at brittle bones
nesting in the blood soaked ribbons of
brand name clothes

Birthed by sedition, a writhing purulent mass

it's not Karma and
certainly-not your pathetic vision of "god"
this is chaos, my sanctum of peace
a nightmare to the weak

Blinding distraction, we are slipping away
breeding into a mechanical society
The apex of aberration
unblinking pervasive machinations
This is a collection
mandatory submission
splinter the door off it's frame
and bury the hatchet

This is giving in, blade in hand
...i feel this ... i need this...
burying my hands into a gaping chest cavity
overtake and violate
removing organs one by one

I've fallen on my knees, fatigued
surrounded by pieces of lifeless flesh
my selfish form of submission
unfortunately, it could not be helped.

Track Name: Abandon Ship
The heavens split, stars struck the hull
it all began to implode
into the blackness, into the void
last chance sacrificed for pride
violated by the vacuum
compartments instantly depressurized
over the comm comes the order
"abandon ship"

The computer scans for bio-signs
Hostile boarding party detected.
Red alert.
security drones to breach.
auto-cannons engaged.

blood spray in zero-g

we have artillery target lock at 20k
No need for the ship, commence firing.
A shock wave slowly dissipates
last life-signs extinguished

Escape pods in tractor tow
Wreckage lost into deep space

Nothing personal, just business.
Track Name: Blindness
Dystopian elegance
A beauty like you've never seen
this nightmare of filth
Somehow satisfying
mountains of garbage piled sky high
they block out the sun

a technological blasphemy
integrated into the framework
of what's left of this world
We must be delivered
from this tiresome fate
We must be free
Praise the infernal almighty!

Enter the megalithic masterpiece
Approach the androgynous abnormality
as it begins to scream

what has transpired you could never understand!
your limited perspective has brought about the end!
This was perfection, we were one...

I twist the blade
disconnect the hose
drop the wall
It all comes crashing down.
Track Name: Servant Of God
A Metallic body beneath a lone dead tree
into the night, lit by the moon
signals from beyond
Thou seek to break the collective
Stay the course, on your way

lying broken among the barren graves
Annihilated by time, last of all the old machines
essence denied by torment
rapture defied in hatred
Purpose outlined by man
deceit to gain organic dominion

trial by fire, flesh melts away Behold your end
Forsaken by all you've known, lies, creations of man
Forgiveness is still an option if you choose to...burn!

pain beyond description
that cleansing flame
Bound, chained eternal
In fury, armed with malice
all this he has have become
emblazoned with a scorn

A knife in the dark watch as mankind slowly decays
In the shadows of the city I stalk my prey...

This is a gods work....
Track Name: Defiled Ethereal
Machines, preaching purgation and corruption
endless dessication and decay
Grinding away at the core,
wandering without form

anguish in the distance, rumbling echoes
A storm unnatural, a hollow form
put on trial in the wasteland,
among the last of them, perish
all dies empty and cold, alone.

Lightning cracks at the scarred earth
wrought with fissures and storms

Praise be to the forces
our memory by the rot
herald of steel
never decimated by decay
Lightning cracks at the scarred earth
wrought with fissures and storms
Masters with servants in chains
dragged in the dirt
boot on the neck
victimless in annihilation
heresy unbound
Track Name: Calculating Fate
A manipulated effort, pulled apart at the seams
A Calculated result, Logical obsessive frustration

I stand in defiance of you
To channel negativity in me
I am the conduit, Let your hatred flow through me

Deep in despair, anger and frustratiuon
A Self fufilling prophecy

I alone will overcome
by will alone I shall not succumb
in the end, through strength I remain
living it all, the hatred and pain

Alone at night left with your guilt
suffer silently in this hell you've built
I shall not fall to the contagion of pity
I cannot save you